Xcel Energy customers empowered to manage bills

AMARILLO, Texas (Sept. 21, 2020) – From payment plans to manage past due bills to finding

permanent ways to save money through energy efficiency, Xcel Energy provides multiple ways to work

with customers to help them through times of financial stress.

“The pandemic and economic downturn have presented some hard choices for many families in our communities in the past several months, but electricity is one thing we don’t want to do without,” said

Brad Baldridge, Xcel Energy director for Customer and Community Relations in Texas and New Mexico.

“We are reminding our customers that we’re not only flexible in how we take payment but are also glad to discuss ways to help customers lower their bills and make those bills more manageable.”

For customers who are having difficulty paying their bills, Xcel Energy offers payment arrangements on a case-by-case basis, allowing customers to pay over time. These extensions vary according to individual circumstances, but most are from three to six months.

Customers facing the loss of income or other hardships that prevent them from making payments can

work with Xcel Energy’s personal account representatives who can connect them with agencies in their area offering assistance with utility bills. Most communities have long-established funds through local charities that can often assist with utility payments, food and rental assistance. Newer funds have been set up across the area to help families affected by COVID-19 and the economic hardships it has brought.

Personal account representatives will have a listing of appropriate community funds in each town served by Xcel Energy, and will help qualified customers apply this funding to outstanding balances. Additionally, agents have been reaching out to customers who have qualified for energy assistance in the past to ensure they are aware of current resources available to them.

Looking ahead, budgeting for future electricity costs is made easier through Xcel Energy’s Averaged

Monthly Payment option, which spreads a customer’s payments evenly over 12 months. Enrollment is free, and customers enjoy easier budget and expense management and reduced bill fluctuation due to hot or cold weather.

Customers wishing to visit with Xcel Energy about payment arrangements and bill management can call 1-800-895-4999 Monday through Friday or visit the customer support page at xcelenergy.com to learn about options and programs to help manage bills.

Xcel Energy also offers services and incentives to help customers reduce their electrical use and save

money on their bills. Converting to LED lighting is a relatively easy way to save on bills because LED bulbs use 70 to 90% less energy than an incandescent bulb. Xcel Energy has partnerships with select retailers across the area to offer LED bulbs at a reduced price. The company offers a Bulb Finder at xcelenergy.com that shows where these discounts can be found.

Customers can take advantage of home energy services that help them identify and remedy air leaks in their homes that drive up the cost of heating and cooling. A list of approved efficiency contractors is located at www.xcelenergyefficiency.com. Customers choose a provider in their area that can provide these services free of charge. Information on other programs and offers can be found at the Programs & Rebates link at xcelenergy.com.

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