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April gardening tips

Starting your compost pile for your garden is always a smart decision. Anything organic can be used for composting. Most of the compost is generally grass clippings and leaves. Layering is an important factor when creating compost. To every 6 inches of organic material cover with 1 inch of soil. The soil locks in the moisture that is needed to keep the breakdown process moving. Keep in mind the smaller the organic material is shredded into the fast it will break down. For faster breakdown put your compost pile in a sunny location. Tarping with plastic keeps the heat in which will also speed up the process as well. Turning the pile is only needed about once a month. When the materials are unrecognizable your compost is ready.

Mulch is also another great tool for gardeners. Adding mulch to flowerbeds has many benefits such as reduces weeds, soil erosion, as well as helping keep the soil temperature from fluctuating when temperatures spike. Most importantly improves water saturation and stops runoff. 

Now is the time to fertilize lawns. Due to the windy conditions of our area, it is safer to use a granulated type of lawn fertilizer. Before putting down fertilizer be sure to soak your lawn thoroughly a day or two earlier. After spreading the fertilizer give your lawn another light watering. This will wash the fertilizer off the grass blades and into the soil. 

This is also a good time to fertilize trees and shrubs if using fertilizer spikes be sure to place them evenly around the entire trunk. If you are planting new trees this year it is crucial to water often and thoroughly to ensure young trees survive. Watering and fertilizing established trees promote growth. If using granulated fertilizer 10-20-10 is a good choice for fruit-bearing and flowering trees.

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