One arrested for a terroristic threat

Wednesday, August 5

• Henry Palacios, 44, Lefors, was arrested by Gray County Sheriff’s Office for a blue warrant.

• Aaron Hink, 30, Pampa, was arrested by Pampa Police Department for criminal trespass (Class B). 

• Erica Helms, 36, Pampa, was arrested by PPD for criminal mischief (Class C). 

• Steven Offcut, 50, Pampa, was arrested by PPD for a blue warrant.

Thursday, August 6

• Martin Martinez, 58, Pampa, was arrested by PPD for a terroristic threat to a family member/household, unlawful carry of a weapon. 

• Jordan Mayo, 23, Pampa, was arrested by GCSO for failure to identify.

• Martin Anderton, 34, Pampa, was arrested by PPD for terroristic threat and interference with emergency assistance.

• Tanner Sims, 31, Childress, was arrested by Texas DPS for out of county warrant- robbery.

• Raul Rodriguez, 44, Pampa, was arrested by PPD for manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance penalty group one greater than one gram less than four grams.

• Promise Mundell, 25, Pampa, was arrested by PPD for capias pro fine (x4).

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