One arrested for unlawful restraint

Monday, Sept. 7

• Michael Heuer, 24, Pampa, was arrested by Pampa Police Department for unlawful restraint.

Tuesday, Sept. 8

• Cody White, 22, Pampa, was arrested by Gray County Sheriff’s Office for bond surrender- assault to cause bodily injury- family, forgery/alter financial instrument.

• Moraye Burgess, 24, Pampa, was arrested by PPD for driving while license intoxicated with previous conviction.

• Melinda Huffman, 51, Pampa, was arrested by PPD for violation of probation- prohibited substance in a correctional facility, driving while license intoxicated and resisting arrest.

• Jerad Matlock, 37, Pampa, was arrested by PPD for violation of protective order.

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