Coach Greg Poynor hired by Seminole


Pampa Harvesters Athletic Director/Head Coach Greg Poynor has been hired by Seminole Independent School District for the same position Monday morning.

Poynor told The Pampa News on Monday afternoon that it was a hard decision, but the move will bring him closer to his mother, who lives in Lubbock.

“My dad passed away recently and this is a way to get a little closer to my mom,” Poynor said. 

“It’s so hard to leave Pampa. Everyone treated us so well and so good. I love Pampa and love the people of Pampa. I think it’s the right time and truly believe that’s the direction God is leading me.”

Poynor said he visited with Seminole three weeks ago and was impressed with their District.

“I was impressed with their administration, town and school,” Poynor said. “We had a good, long conversations and felt like we would be a good fit there. You’ve got to think about leaving the place your at. That’s going to be super-hard. I always say, ‘If you’re at a place you’re dissatisfied with, it’s super-easy to leave. What’s really hard to do is to leave a place you’re really happy at. Things are going good but you think the next place might be a tiny bit better. That’s when the decision is really hard to make.”

Poynor was hired by Pampa in 2014 and led Pampa to a District Championship in 2015, as well as six-straight playoff appearances. 

“I hope everyone knows I gave my heart and soul for seven years and loved every second of it,” Poynor said. “When I came here I came with the intention of being loyal to the community and not be somebody looking to come and go somewhere else. 

“Seven years is a long time. For a while in the District I was, by far, the longest-tenured coach. The reason it was so easy to stay here is because Dr. (Tanya) Larkin is such a good superintendent, Mr. Piatt is a great principal and the coaching staff stayed together. We had great kids and a great booster club. There’s a lot of great things about Pampa.”

Some of Poynor’s favorite memories in Pampa include the Bushland overtime win and the District Championship in 2015.

“My second year here, when we beat Bushland in overtime, I felt like that game helped us turn a corner as a program,” Poynor said. “That was a team that had kind of been dominating us and for us to go and win a close game at their place, that turned a corner. The District Championship was really big. 

“Recently, against Hereford we showed we really belong, and then we beat Canyon a year ago. That was huge. Those were all big games I remember. But the kids we got here and the relationships we built here are the big memories we had.”

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