Pampa ISD offseason workouts to begin Monday with guidelines


Athletes who haven’t been able to see coaches or go to Pampa High Schools weight room and athletic offices will soon be able as the University Scholastic League (UIL) offered guidance for summer strength and conditioning to begin Monday, June 8.

“We have some rules to follow,” Pampa Independent School District Athletic Director Greg Poynor said. “The athletes have to bring their own water (that’s a UIL thing), they have to bring their own clothes (can’t use school clothes and laundry room), can’t come in the locker room or use the showers and you can only have one lifter and one spotter.”

Poynor added the coaching staff is going to try having the same two athletes working together the entire summer for easier tracking should a COVID-19 case emerge. 

“When one finishes benching, they are wiping the bench down and disinfecting before the spotter gets on it,” Poynor said. “We’re going to make sure it’s totally wiped down. We still have to use social distancing besides the spotter. Most of our weight room equipment is 10 feet apart.”

Capacity is limited to only 25 percent of the weight room, turf room and outside stations. Poynor added the UIL didn’t mandate doing temperature checks, but athletes are to fill out a questionnaire at the door daily.

Athletes must line up six feet apart going into the weight room with a designated entry and designated exit.

Poynor added the new procedures shouldn’t affect the actual weight-training and exercising, but more on the football side.

“For us we like to do a lot of seven-on-seven,” Poynor said. “We can’t do that right now. Drills are more individual and you’ve got to stand six feet apart. That’ll affect our football a bit.”

For football, players can still do passing-and-catching drills, defensive back footwork drills, pass-rushing drills on a dummy and others.

Even without being able to do some of the gridiron work, Poynor said he and his coaching staff are just happy to be back around the kids.

“We’re so thankful to get back and get our kids back,” Poynor said. “We’re getting the opportunity to start working again and just want to abide by all of the rules. We want to do everything right so we can keep this going and get rolling come August.”

Poynor said many of the fall sports athletes come in for workouts including football, basketball, volleyball and track.

“We get a ton of volleyball and girl’s basketball players and they will do their skills every day,” Poynor said. “We get a lot of our football guys and basketball players, too. Those are typically the ones that come to our summer workout program.”

Because of the size of the weight room and UIL’s measurement by square-footage, Poynor said it would be hard for them to reach capacity.

“We can maintain a good social distancing and maintain 48 kids in the weight room at a time,” Poynor said. “That’s about as many as we want in there during summer workouts. We’ll have 48 in the weight room, 24 in the turf room and 24 outside. That gives us plenty. That’ll work out fine.”

As for parents or student-athletes worried about COVID-19 and it affecting their workouts? Poynor said he has heard the opposite.

“I keep getting calls asking when we get to go and I’m having to tell them we have to be careful,” Poynor said. “I’ve had parents call and everybody I talk to when we are getting started and kids are ready to go back. Everything I’ve heard right now has been positive. There may be some [concerned]. But it’s not mandatory.”

Poynor stressed the school district and coaching staff is doing everything necessary to keep the students safe.

“We’re going to be careful and do everything we need to protect our kids,” Poynor said.

As for the students who have a gym-rat-nature? They have been receiving home workouts and other means to get their sweat on.

“During this time off we’ve been sending workouts and things they can do on their own and getting a lot of feedback,” Poynor said. “We have kids that have been faithful in following that. So we will have a lot of kids who haven’t fallen far behind because they’ve been working out at home. We’ll have some that hasn’t done much. But we’ve been trying to stay on top of it and we have kids who have been trying to stay in shape.”

For more information on Pampa ISD and the summer workout programs, call 806-669-4700.

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