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From the Press Box: Lamar Who? Give me Patrick Mahomes for MVP.


This past season, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson took the NFL by storm.

Play an online game of Madden NFL 20 and 85 percent of the time you will play someone who chooses the Baltimore Ravens.

He was everywhere and energized the Ravens franchise to the No. 1 seed and what many believed would be a Super Bowl run.

That is until they ran into the Tennessee Titans and Goliath in the back-field named Derrick Henry.

Jackson is a very talented quarterback and quieted a lot of doubters about his ability to throw the ball and stay healthy as a mobile quarterback.

But the Ravens offense was built to be a run-first offense. It is built to get up earlier and steal possession from their opponent. 

But what happens if their defense gets exploited and suddenly the offense finds itself in a close game or even trailing? Even worse, what if it’s a two-possession game?

The Titans beat the Ravens at their own game and when they had a 22-point lead, the Ravens couldn’t come back.

Fast-forward to the next day and the Kansas City Chiefs were in a similar predicament. Only difference was it was still early in the second quarter when the Houston Texans led 24-0.

As a Broncos fan, it pained me to see Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes do what he did, but I couldn’t help but to still be in awe. 

Mahomes rallied his team and showed that regardless of what running teams try to take over the NFL, it’s still a passing league.

Jackson will win the MVP because he had the flash. But Mahomes has the talent, the arm-strength and the quiet leadership.

The entire time the Texans led, Mahomes looked calm on the side-lines and knew after the first touchdown he had yanked momentum from the Texans.

The difference between the two is Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs offense can strike quickly to turn the tides. Their average time of possession is 29:13, which can be a double-edged sword if your offense doesn’t get the job done.

But in this case, by the end of the second quarter, the Chiefs led 28-24 and the Texans were stunned.

In 10 minutes, the Chiefs went from trailing 24-0, to leading 28-24. Mahomes had four touchdown passes, three to his trust tight end Travis Kelce.

You can’t do that in a running offense. The Chiefs added two more touchdowns and what looked like a Texans blowout victory, turned into the meltdown of the decade.

My applauding and praise for Mahomes isn’t a recency bias. The Broncos have to play him twice a year and as much as I loathe seeing him go undefeated in five meetings with my Broncos, I love watching him play the rest of the year.

Mahomes has “it” and now the Chiefs defense is playing well enough to maybe take them to the Super Bowl.

Mahomes put the rest of the NFL on notice on Sunday and reminded the NFL who the real best quarterback in the league is, and his name is not Lamar Jackson.

John Lee is the editor of The Pampa News and can be reached at or find him on Twitter @jcl1987.

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