White Deer drops Claude 68-6

The White Deer Bucks dropped Claude 68-6 on Friday evening.

Graysen Freeman had 80 yards passing and two touchdowns in the contest.

Karson Ketchum had five carries for 63 yards and a touchdown, Bryson Osborne had 40 yards and a score, Mason Mooney had 33 yards and a touchdown, Kaydon Johnson had 29 yards and a score, Hunter Warminski had three carries for 15 yards and a touchdown and Jayden Mynear had three carries for nine yards and a touchdown. 

Mooney had one catch for 44 yards and a touchdown and Dusty Matlock had a 36-yard touchdown reception.

Osborne had a sack and tackle for loss, Hayden Hill had a sack and Ketchum had two tackles for loss. Johnson had two interceptions and Ketchum had a pick six.

White Deer will return to action Friday against Happy.

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